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[EFZ] wins the [MD]Cup!

written on Thursday 21 December 2006 in the category Soldier of Fortune

After a very close game, we've finally won the first edition of the [MD]Cup.
We beat MP>> in the final.

First map ended in a draw, 0-0, same for the second one : 1-1.
But we managed to cap two early flags in the third map, which we've won 2-1.

Congratulations to all players involved in this tournament!

By the way, I think we've won a new server + TS

Read the full article to view the screenshots.

LINE RIDER - Watch out! Addicting game!

written on Thursday 07 December 2006 in the category Miscellaneous

Line Rider - beta by *fsk on deviantART

Line rider is an addicting game/toy, watch out! Click "READ MORE" to check out what you can do with Line Rider...

TCL Week 1 : [EFZ] vs MP>>

written on Wednesday 30 August 2006 in the category Soldier of Fortune

TCL Season 17 Week 1
[EFZ] beat MP>> on irqctf1.

Map 1 : [EFZ] 9-0 MP>>
Map 2 : [EFZ] 3-0 MP>>

Well done!

TCL kicking off August 27th

written on Wednesday 23 August 2006 in the category Soldier of Fortune

TCL is back after a summer break.
[EFZ] will play against MP>> in the first match, August 27th.
Map will be irqctf1. This should be a good test for our new recruits!

Welcome to our New Website!

written on Friday 04 August 2006 in the category The Website

Welcome to [EFZ]'s Website 4.0!
This webby was coded by KING, and we should now avoid the hacking!

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